For Restaurants

How it Works -- In 5 Easy Steps

Step 0. Your restaurant is located in Boston, NYC, LA or Seattle.

Step 1. Fill out this form. Be thorough. Follow the directions (there aren't many). Email your artwork (in the approved formats) to

Step 2. A member from our design team will reach out with mockups for your approval. Be aware, small adjustments can take lots of time.

Step 3. Once you've approved the final design, your merchandise will appear on the site. 

Step 4. When sales for your merchandise crosses the minimum threshold for our print team, they will fulfill and ship the orders.

Step 5. We cut a check and send it to your restaurant so you can use it to do good.

95% of merchandise profits will go directly to your restaurant.

5% of merchandise profits will go to a restaurant worker relief fund.


Working with Artists --

In the request form you can opt to have an artist create original artwork for your restaurant merch. You can view some of their work here. If you choose to work with an artist, they will receive 5% of your merchandise sales profit for that particular item (you would receive 90%, 5% still goes to a relief fund).