Frequently Asked Questions

What do you guys do?

We create merch for restaurants and give back 100% of the profits to help them in their time of need. 95% goes directly to the restaurant you are supporting, 5% will go into a restaurant worker relief fund or industry artist who donated time to create their design.


Restaurants are near and dear to our hearts. For everyone involved in this project, the hospitality industry has been a defining part of our lives. It hurts us to see our friends and loved ones struggling and it just felt like we needed to do something (anything) to help.

How does the store work?

We aren't a typical store, as we don't sit on any inventory. Orders get tallied, produced and fulfilled every couple of weeks. As a result, restaurants don't pay any of the large upfront costs usually required to produce merchandise on their own. This allows us to work with more restaurants, offer more sizes and more color options for you. Win Win.

How do you make money?

We all have other jobs that pay us money. Please don't tell our bosses.

How long will it take for my merch to arrive?

It can take a few weeks. In order for us to keep costs down, we produce orders when sales for a particular item reach a minimum threshold. Also, as it turns out, operating a business during the midst of pandemic can cause shipping/delivery times from our suppliers to be delayed. Who would have thought?

What happens if orders don't reach the minimum threshold?

We'll still print and ship your item, it just means it will cost more to produce, which means less profit for the restaurants we are trying to help. In short, tell your friends, neighbors, loved ones, arch nemeses... you get the point.

Do you ship internationally?

Just U.S. + Canada at this time. Signup for our email list below and we'll let you know if that changes.

--- For Restaurants --- 

I'm a restaurant, how do I sign up? 

We're working with limited bandwidth so we can't guarantee we'll be able to work with every restaurant that reaches out. However, you can shoot us an email via info@merch4relief.com and we'll let you know where we're at. If we're good to go, we'll send over a signup form with additional details. If you haven't already, read our mission statement.

Working with Artists --

When you reach out you can opt to have an industry artist create original artwork for your restaurant merch.