Canlis Seattle Turns Tweezer Food into Takeout

Canlis is a fine dining landmark in Seattle. They’ve been operating for over 68 years, offering Pacific Northwest fare in a midcentury-modern home. If you’re new to the workings of the restaurant industry, 68 years is a rare feat. And they’re family-owned, currently run by the third-generation, Mark and Brian Canlis which makes their history all the sweeter. 

When Covid-19 hit Seattle, things could no longer be business as usual. There would be no more finely dressed patrons knocking down the doors. Restaurants were forced to close their doors to sit-down dining and turn to takeout to stay afloat. Canlis knew they couldn’t serve their well-known, James Beard award-winning cuisine via takeout.

In a message on their website, Canlis announced, “Fine dining is not what Seattle needs right now. Instead, we're bringing dinner to you, safely creating jobs for our employees while serving as much of our city as we can.” 

The resilient AF idea they had was to transform their fine dining into takeout classics. As described by Eater Seattle, “Instead of the high-end experience it’s banked on for decades, the restaurant will offer diners three options: a takeout-only breakfast spot called The Bagel Shed, a pickup option with burgers called Drive On Thru, and a meal delivery service called Family Meal.” 

Tweezer food transformed into bagels, burgers and family-style dinner sound pretty good to us. We’ve even heard that people are lining up to get their first taste. 

Today, Canlis is officially a 70-year-old fine-dining institution (temporarily) turned bagelry, burger joint, and dinner delivery service amid COVID19. They’ve partnered with Merch4Relief to keep expanding their streams of revenue in this uncertain and quite volatile time. 

Their debut merch item, a long-sleeve tee with a tongue in cheek design on the back that reads “Delivering Lukewarm Tweezer Food since 2020”. A small sense of humor is sometimes what you really need to see during these heartbreaking days. 

Take a moment to support Canlis and rock their long sleeve up until the day their doors open back up and we can all indulge on the fresh, piping hot tweezer food once more.